One Morningside Park, 321 West 110th Street, PH1, Manhattan

October 22, 2013 – listed $4.187MM (removed October 23, 2013) October 24, 2014 – listed $5.9MM Rather than examine a resale’s wild price swing, this week’s Digs Watch takes a look at a wild price swing from a prior list price (albeit for a listing that was removed from the market after only 1 day). […]

Move Madison Square Garden to Hudson Yards!

Move Madison Square Garden to Hudson Yards! I recently read an article that discussed the future of Madison Square Garden. Here are my thoughts: For more than 60 years, the destruction of the original Penn Station –  McKim, Meade and White’s 1910 Beaux Arts masterpiece – has relegated proud New Jersey Transit, Long Island Railroad […]

Replacing a Poorly-Conceived Upper West Side Public Space with Retail?

Developer Ashkenazy Acquisition is seeking special approval to install ground floor retail space to replace the good-intentioned, but ill-conceived, public space located in the ground floor retail component of the Bel Canto condominium, a residential tower adjacent to the Upper West Side’s Apple Store near Lincoln Center (and Grandma Bunny).  In 1985, when the condominium […]

70 Washington Street, Apt. 2J, Brooklyn

April 2006 – sold $1,069,162 October 2014 – listed $2,500,000 This week’s Digs Watch brings us to DUMBO – Brooklyn’s former bustling waterfront industrial hub cum mafia body dumping ground, which in recent years has been transformed into a picturesque neighborhood of converted warehouses and cobblestone streets nestled between the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge. […]

303 East 77th Street, Apt 15AB, Manhattan — The Isis Condominium

September 2013 – sold $5.8M+ October 2014 – listed $7.25M Given that one cannot tune into any media nowadays without the acronym “ISIS” being thrown at them within seconds — which has caused a never ending loop in my brain of the first verse of Bob Dylan’s folk ballad of the same name, which admirably […]

200 West 86th Street, Apt. 16M, Manhattan

June 2009 – sold $1.2M+ September 2014 – listed $2.2M Welcome to my weekly blog post on wild market movers. This week’s Digs Watch takes a look at 200 West 86th Street, Apt. 16M, a high-floor five with large rooms, good closets and decent light (but no views), located on the south side of 86th […]

Typical Transaction Costs when Purchasing Real Estate in NYC

Typical Transaction Costs when Purchasing Real Estate in NYC All buyers incur transaction costs on their NYC home purchases. This is an unfortunate reality of the NYC real estate market that you cannot avoid. Co-ops generally have lower purchase closing costs than condos or houses.  However, it is still difficult to avoid high closing costs […]