Digs Watch Quick Update – Dec 2014

In the past few weeks, several Digs Watch listings have been cut down a bit from their lofty goals. While I wouldn’t necessarily look at these price chops as indicative of any broad market trends, other than that aspirational pricing almost always retreats to a more market-driven level before meeting a buyer (which is always the case), there is certainly a feel that the market has perhaps plateaued in Q4 and that buyers are gaining more leverage to dictate terms and pricing. While I would certainly not call this a “buyer’s market” by any stretch of the imagination, it is definitely feeling different from Q2 and Q3 of this year.

Digs Watch – 70 Washington Street, 2J – Price reduced 7% to $2.35MM
Digs Watch – 303 East 77th Street, 15AB – Price reduced 4.83% to $6.9MM
Digs Watch – 200 West 86th Street, 16M – Price reduced 11.26% to $1.95MM

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