Brooklyn Brownstone Listings Surge

Although prices are still at historic highs, it’s a good time to be a Brooklyn brownstone buyer. I recently read an article about the prices of Brooklyn Brownstone listings surging dramatically. I think you will find it interesting. Article can be found here.   About Digs: Digs Realty is a full-service residential brokerage company specializing […]

Brooklyn’s Possible Housing Glut

Supply and demand are at work! I hope that the development in Downtown Brooklyn actually creates the vibrant street life that is so needed to sustain neighborhood growth, weaving together the enormous area – stretching from the bridges to the Barclays – which is currently bisected by some pretty imposing avenues. Developers should do themselves […]

How the Co-op Crumbles

I recently found and read an interesting article of the co-op ecosystem in NYC and beyond, and thought our readers and clients would find it interesting, too. Here’s the gist of it: small co-ops can be collapsed through the acquisition of a supermajority of shares, while holdout shareholders are forced to go along with the developer’s […]