New Nolita Condo to Occupy Former Orphanage

Only in Manhattan does a building’s usage history read orphanage to school to convent to super luxury condos.  And that is part of the beauty of this place.  Old gorgeous buildings whose original uses are no longer appropriate for the location due to the changing neighborhood (like the once thriving manufacturing buildings in Tribeca and Soho) are being constantly reinvented to support new uses that reflect prevailing economic trends, which are mainly office and residential uses today, as more and more people of all ages are making the City their home.  That is exactly what is happening at the gorgeous landmarked  St. Patrick’s Old Cathedral School at 34 Prince Street (corner of Mott), where the cheapest unit will be a 3-bedroom 2,743-square-foot apartment asking $7,740,000.  The Archdiocese of New York closed the school in 2010 after attendance had dwindled to just 129 students.

This article about the development highlights the condo’s initial marketing, which shows renderings (that look like photos) of the building and intersection since the early 1900s.  While these “photos” highlight the styles of cars of the day as much as the building and its intersection, they are still a very interesting way to begin marketing of a new development (hey, I guess it’s working since I just wrote about it).

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