Park Place Sliver Building Tops Out in Tribeca

For those of you who have known me for a while, you know that I participated in my former co-op’s opposition of a sliver building that would have risen next door and blocked the eastern view of dozens of apartments, and, as our attorney colorfully added during the BSA hearing, sucked the value right out of those units like a vacuum cleaner.  So I am not a fan of sliver buildings.  While the zoning code may permit them to exist under certain circumstances, unless they are occupying a space between two larger buildings that otherwise lies fallow (or underimproved) like this one, they are generally hideous and should not be allowed.  This 25-foot-wide 21-story building at 19 Park Place just looks ridiculous, doesn’t it?  Just because engineering allows you to build tall and narrow doesn’t mean you should!

Article can be found here.

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