Every Penny Counts in NYC Real Estate

Many of my clients have different reasons why they want to buy NYC real estate.  Some people make a lot of money and want to take advantage of the mortgage interest deduction to reduce their tax liability.  Others look at renting as flushing money down the toilet and want their monthly payments to build equity in an appreciating asset. […]

Wait a minute, you’re going to pay me to buy a home in NYC?

Yes, that’s what I do. I pay people to buy an apartment in NYC by giving my clients a huge percentage of my commission cash back at closing. A lovely client looking for an Upper West Side pied-a-terre to be closer to his grandchildren was referred to me by a good friend, who happened to […]

Larry Silverstein on the NYC Real Estate Market

In a talk yesterday, Larry Silverstein, the head of Silverstein Properties, who six weeks before 9/11 acquired the lease under the World Trade Center and is currently developing many of the new buildings at the site, addressed one of the burning questions on people’s minds these days – where is NYC real estate going? Having seen cycles […]

Why are so few apartments for sale in Manhattan?

Crain’s published an interesting piece today trying to explain the supply crunch in Manhattan and exorbitant price of condos here.  The article can be found here. Although a bit simplistic, and in some cases reliant on statistics that are not useful, this is a decent piece because it highlights one of the most important reasons […]

When is a Deal not a Deal in NYC Real Estate?

When is a deal not a deal in NYC real estate? I’ll help you figure it out. Picture this:  John and Jane buyer are married with a child on the way.  They are both hard-working professionals with advanced degrees from outstanding universities.  Together, they earn a very good living by any objective measure and have […]