Digs in Paris – Travel Blog

Digs in Paris While Digs operates solely in New York, we have many friends and clients outside New York who are very good to us who we try to see periodically (so they don’t forget about us). Paris Accomplishments Dan and I took a quick trip to Paris in early October without our kids. Our […]


Wegmans at the Brooklyn Navy Yard

Wegmans As a Cornell graduate and Ithaca resident for four years, the idea of having a Wegmans in NYC is, how do I put this, nothing short of AMAZING!!! I probably went to Wegmans on average of four times a week while I was a college student. Why? Because it’s simply the best supermarket and […]


Adventures Creating our Neighborhood Guides

Our Neighborhood Guides We’ve been working hard the last few months making updates to our website. One big change will be the addition of neighborhood guides in the neighborhoods we operate. When we first decided to add neighborhood guides, we had no idea the work that would go into them. It’s been quite a project! […]

REBNY financial statement

What is a REBNY Financial Statement?

What is a REBNY Financial Statement? A REBNY financial statement is used by sellers in New York City to evaluate the financial strength of buyers. Buyers should be prepared to complete a financial statement and submit it with their offers. Click here to view a REBNY financial statement. Why Do You Need a REBNY Financial […]