Wegmans at the Brooklyn Navy Yard


As a Cornell graduate and Ithaca resident for four years, the idea of having a Wegmans in NYC is, how do I put this, nothing short of AMAZING!!! I probably went to Wegmans on average of four times a week while I was a college student. Why? Because it’s simply the best supermarket and eating hall there is, and it is quite reasonably priced. I have since confirmed this after college (with a more refined palate) on subsequent trips to Ithaca, Syracuse and even Woodbridge, NJ. If there’s a Wegmans near where I’m going, I’m there.

Now, in addition to my bi-weekly Costco trips, I’m going to have to work in regular Wegmans trips. I can’t wait!

Some of my favorite memories at Wegmans:

  1. Running up and down the candy aisles filling up bags with gummy candies (and then eating them).
  2. Buying up all the Voortman sugar wafers I could find. I still can’t find these amazing sugar wafers anywhere but Wegmans. Thank you, Annie Hsu, for bringing them to me from New Jersey for years when we worked together!
  3. Making my own pasta and subs. Back then I was a picky eater, and I loved being able to put in whatever ingredients I wanted.
  4. Bringing cookies or uncooked meat over to the prepared food area and having them heat/cook them for me (yes, Wegmans will do just about anything for their customers)!
  5. Always running into fellow classmates.
  6. Preparing for exams (more below on this odd one).

Cornell Hotelies Studied at Wegmans

As a Hotelie at Cornell, we had a few classes where we needed to be able to identify various food products on our exams. Where did we turn? Wegmans, of course. Hotelies could often be seen walking the aisles of Wegmans, studying random vegetables. Unfortunately, Wegmans did not prepare me for the oyster sauce I needed to identify on my exam. Imagine a non-fish eater tagging a swig of oyster sauce – I will never forget it. And, even though I suffered through swallowing it, I still couldn’t identify it.

Yes, It Is 74,000 Square Feet

The Wegmans in the Brooklyn Navy Yard is 74,000 square feet. To put things in perspective, that’s bigger than the smallest Costco (Yes, I am a huge Costco fan too)! That’s pretty crazy for a NYC supermarket. This Wegmans even has a bar – I don’t remember having that at the Wegmans in Ithaca! I wonder if they have childcare?

I hope it lives up to its hype, and it remains all that I remember it to be (unlike Fairway, which used to be a close second to Wegmans in my book but has gone seriously downhill the last decade).

The Gotliebs already have their first trip planned for lunchtime this Saturday, November 2.  Who’s in with us? Please reach out if you want to join us!!


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