First Time NYC Homebuyer Guide | Digs Realty

First Time NYC Homebuyer Guide Being a homebuyer in NYC is unlike being a homebuyer anywhere else. It’s much more complicated (unless you’re buying a house) because of the co-op and condo board process and requirements. We’ve put together this guide to help walk you through the steps of buying a home in New York […]

Stay Away from Land-Lease Co-ops Part II | Digs Realty

What is a Land-Lease Co-op? In November 2014, Digs wrote a blog post about the perils of land-lease co-ops. In a ground lease, the owner of land leases it to a developer with the intent that the developer will build something valuable on it. The term of a ground lease is typically very long (for […]

Little Island

Little Island | Hudson River Park

What Is That Weird Thing Jutting Out of the Hudson River? It’s unusual that you will find me in a car rather than a subway. Last weekend was unique because I had just broken my foot, and I was in no position to be climbing up and down stairs and being on a crowded subway […]