Affordable Housing Lottery on UWS | West End Towers

Affordable Housing Lottery at 55-75 West End Avenue

55-75 West End Avenue is a luxury rental complex just off 66th Street and West End, built in 1994. A housing lottery just opened for spots on the waiting list. The housing lottery will accept 200 people onto a waiting list; however, there is no specific timeline of when apartments might become available. There are 1,000 units in the building.

The apartments are all studios and one-bedrooms, and, interestingly, none of them are available to people who make less than $69,450. See the income limit chart below, and find out more about how to apply here. Market rate rents for a one-bedroom in the building start at $3,400.

Rents and Household Earning Limits advertised are based on current 2019 HUD AMI limits and may be adjusted when new annual guidelines are published by HUD. The minimum household income limit for each available unit will be determined by the actual rent of that unit. Depending on the actual rent for a designated unit the minimum income requirement may change.

We’ve had many friends live in this building over the years. It’s a nice building, but they elevators always seemed to be broken. People who qualify for these apartments, get on (and then off) the waiting list, will really win the lottery!

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