Digs Realty 101: Home Buying Rebates and Selling Commission Discounts | Whiteboard Video

What do you mean you pay me to buy a home?

It’s true! When you buy a home with Digs Realty, we pay you up to 67% of our commission at closing (that’s up to 2% of your purchase price, or 10% of your down payment if you’re financing 80%). Or, if you’re selling a home with Digs Realty, we charge you far less than the standard broker commission, saving you as much as 3.5% of your sale price.

Why? Because transaction costs in the New York metropolitan area are too high, and we want to make homeownership more affordable.

Most people don’t know that our business model exists. It’s challenging to explain in writing, and if you do “get it,” it’s likely you think there must be a catch. When we meet people and talk to them, something typically clicks, and it all makes perfect sense. That’s why we put together this whiteboard video explaining our business model.

Buying with Digs

Not only do you get cash back when you buy with us, but you have an honest advisor by your side in what, quite possibly, may be the biggest purchase of your life.

Selling with Digs

When you hire Digs to sell your home, you hire a knowledgeable and responsive partner who puts your interests first. We also charge you up to 50% less than a traditional broker would.

If you’d rather speak with us directly, we’re happy to chat through any of this with you at any time. Get in touch with us!

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