Best Value NYC Neighborhoods

Best Value NYC Neighborhoods | Where is There Still Room to Grow? 10 NYC Neighborhoods Where Home Prices Rose the Most in 2010-2019 At the end of 2019, Streeteasy reported that 8 of the 10 NYC neighborhoods where home prices rose the most in the decade of the 2010s were in Brooklyn. This is not […]


CEMA – What is a CEMA and How Does it Save Home Buyers Money?

Mortgage Assignments and the CEMA (Consolidation, Extension and Modification Agreement) Back in 2017, Dan wrote a post about CEMAs. Fast forward a couple of years to 2020, and many players in the residential real estate market (including many real estate brokers) still don’t know what a CEMA is. For this reason, we’re writing another post […]

How to Sell Your NYC Apartment in Today’s Buyer’s Market

It’s a buyer’s market. Should you sell? Pretty much everyone is in agreement that today’s market is more favorable for buyers. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t sell now, but it does mean that you should be mindful and realistic about how much you will sell for. In this post, we will share with you […]

What Would The Death of Fairway Market Mean to the UWS?

The Death of Fairway Market | Impact on UWS I’ve been reading a lot of articles today about what is going to happen to Fairway Market. We heard rumors over the past few weeks that Fairway might file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy and close its stores. This morning, the Post put out an article, and […]

Digs in Vermont – Travel Blog

Digs in Vermont Every year over MLK weekend, we take a road trip and head to Vermont. We rent a big house near Okemo Mountain with lots of beds and get a great group of friends together for a long weekend of skiing, snowball fights, food, wine and hot tubbing. This year in Vermont We […]

Real Estate Broker Commission Discounts in NYC and Westchester

A smarter way to sell | Digs Realty broker commission discounts One of our biggest challenges is educating home sellers that our commission discount model exists. Most people are not aware that they can hire a real estate broker to sell their home who charges a fraction of the commission traditional brokers charge. Digs has […]

Digs in Panama – Travel Blog

Digs in Panama While Digs operates solely in New York, we have many friends and clients outside New York who are very good to us who we try to see periodically (so they don’t forget about us). Why Panama? As we have written about before, every year on Thanksgiving, we host a charity auction. All […]

Real Estate Broker Commission Rebates in NYC & Westchester

A better way to buy | Digs Realty broker commission rebates One of our biggest challenges is educating home buyers that our commission sharing model exists. Most people are not aware that they can hire a real estate broker who offers commission rebates. Digs has been operating in NYC since 2014 and has given $4MM […]

Tips for First Time NYC Home Buyers

First Time NYC Home Buyer Tips At Digs, we work with a lot of first time home buyers. Often times, these are our favorite clients to work with. Everything is so new and exciting for them, which makes it more exciting for us. There are a few things every first time home buyer should know and […]

Debt-to-Income Ratio Requirements in NYC Real Estate

Debt-to-Income Ratio Requirements in NYC Real Estate You need far more than a down payment to buy a co-op in New York City. Just because a bank is willing to approve you for a loan, doesn’t mean a co-op board will also approve you. When buying a co-op in NYC, you will also need to […]