Digs Realty 2020 Dessert Party

Homemade sweets to say “thank you” Every year, we host a dessert party to thank our clients and friends for their business and for trusting us with their referrals. This year’s dessert party menu This year, we made a bunch of recipes we’ve never made before and stuck with a few of our favorites. I […]

$4,000,000 in Commission Discounts and Rebates Given to Our Clients!

Digs hit a huge milestone last week: we have given over $4,000,000 in commission discounts and rebates to our clients since 2014! February 5th was a HUGE day for Digs Realty. Not only was it me and Dan’s 9th anniversary, but it marked the day we officially gave our clients over $4MM in commission rebates […]

No More Rental Fees in NYC?

No More Rental Fees in NYC? There are still rental fees in NYC, but the new guidance is pretty huge for the residential real estate community: landlords, agents and renters! The Facts On Tuesday, the New York Department of State issued Guidance that a landlord’s agent cannot be compensated by a prospective tenant. The DOS suggests […]