Digs Realty 2020 Dessert Party

Homemade sweets to say “thank you”

Every year, we host a dessert party to thank our clients and friends for their business and for trusting us with their referrals.

This year’s dessert party menu

This year, we made a bunch of recipes we’ve never made before and stuck with a few of our favorites. I always like to ask guests what their favorites are, so I know what I have to make again the next year. This year, responses were all over the place, but, overall, I think the savory items were the biggest hits.

The prep

This year, I was not very organized and only made the chocolate covered pretzels the night before. Dan stepped it up this year and got out of bed early for me to go get yeast for our garlic roasted focaccia. I started at 7am, and with the help of my good friend and fellow baker, Shira Cohen, and the best dishwasher around, Robin Tunick (my mother), we got everything done with time to spare (this never happens).

Best part: We served everything we made. There were no disasters!

The fun

Last year, Dan was very stressed out because a lot of people came and it was quite loud (he gets very stressed about these things). This year I only invited current and former clients and people who have referred us business. Otherwise, I think Dan would have had a nervous breakdown!

The turnout was great. There were a lot of people here, but they sort of came in shifts, with the first people arriving at 8pm and the last people leaving at 2:30 in the morning (yes, we had to work the next day at open houses, but we were kid free!). It was never overwhelmingly crowded, and people actually sat in the living room this year! Evidence below:

A lot of our former clients (from as far back as a few years ago) came. It was so nice to see everyone and spend time with them. I tried to make some love connections (of course!). As always, I enjoyed introducing and connecting people.

The food

In the end, everything came out great (I think). I hope people will be back again next year.

The bar

Dan took care of the bar, and boy was it stocked. We still managed to run out of club soda. So many people love club soda! Somehow, my two cases of Hermann Wiemer dry reisling barely got touched, so I have a lot of drinking to do these next few weeks! Not to worry, it has been one of my favorites since I discovered it my senior year of college on a wine tour. It will not go to waste!

The award at this year’s dessert party goes to…

The award at this year’s dessert party had to go to Alex Tedford (on the right in the photo below), who had knee surgery two days earlier! He saw our post on Instagram and said he couldn’t make it, and then he arrived anyway! What a treat. Good thing Dan was able to find him an apartment just 5 blocks away. One of our other guests is getting knee surgery later this month with the same orthopedic surgeon, who happens to also be the same surgeon who operated on Dan’s knee 10 years ago. Such a small world.


We hope you can join us next year!!


Digs Realty is a residential real estate brokerage in NYC that provides full service at a discount. The Digs Mission: Saving you money without compromising service. We give our home buyers up to 67% of our commission and charge our sellers up to 4% less than traditional brokerages.


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