UES Restaurants with Heat Lamps

UES Restaurants with Heat Lamps NYC always adapts, and thankfully for those of us who live here, its restaurants are doing the same. We’ve compiled a list of UES restaurants with heat lamps. Some of these restaurants have been around for as long as I can remember. Let’s help support our local restaurants and keep […]

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Upper West Side Restaurants with Heat Lamps

Upper West Side Restaurants with Heat Lamps Now that the weather has turned frosty, we’re all trying to figure out where we can go out to eat and stay warm. Outdoor dining in NYC has truly never been more fun (but, now, for my frigid bones, only if there are heat lamps!). We have been […]

Real Estate Broker Commission Discounts in NYC, Westchester and Long Island | Digs Realty

A smarter way to sell | Digs Realty broker commission discounts One of our biggest challenges is educating home sellers that our commission discount model exists. Most people are not aware that they can hire a real estate broker to sell their home who charges a fraction of the commission traditional brokers charge. Digs has […]

Top Real Estate Brokers NYC | Digs Realty

Dan Gotlieb is one of the Top Real Estate Brokers NYC! Dan was ranked #4 2020 Agent-Owned Brokerage Individual Sales Volume in New York State and #1 in New York City by Real Trends! In 2019, Dan closed over $56M in residential purchase and sale transactions. Given our rebate structure, that means we gave our […]