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A smarter way to sell | Digs Realty broker commission discounts

One of our biggest challenges is educating home sellers that our commission discount model exists. Most people are not aware that they can hire a real estate broker to sell their home who charges a fraction of the commission traditional brokers charge. Digs has been operating in NYC since 2014 and has given over $4.6MM in rebates and discounts to its buyer and seller clients. We expanded to Westchester to Westchester in late 2019 and to Long Island in early 2020, so we can save home buyers and sellers money in more places.

Once people know what we do, our next challenge is convincing them that we are just as good (if not better) than our traditional real estate agent competitors. A natural instinct is to think we offer discounts because we are not good. Thankfully, we have a long track record of proving this is not the case, and we are happy to connect potential clients with any of our current or former clients to hear what they think. Not only do we charge you less to sell your home, but our clients agree we add lots of value. Our skills, honesty and professionalism is how we have built and grown our business over the last five years. The discount is just icing on the cake.

How do real estate broker commission discounts work?

If you’re selling a home with Digs Realty, we charge you far less than the standard broker commission, saving you as much as 4% of your sale price.

Take the following example for illustrative purposes:

Selling with a Traditional Agent

  • You sell your home for $2,000,000
  • You hire a traditional broker and pay a 6% commission = $120,000
  • Your broker keeps 3% = $60,000
  • The buyer’s broker keeps 3% = $60,000
  • If the buyer is not represented by an agent, your broker keeps 6% = $120,000

Selling with Digs Realty

  • You sell your home for $2,000,000
  • You hire Digs Realty and pay a 4% commission = $80,000
  • You pay Digs 1.5% = $30,000
  • You pay the buyer’s agent 2.5% (otherwise, your potential buyer pool will be much smaller) = $50,000
  • OR, if the buyer is not represented, you pay Digs Realty a 2.5% total commission = $50,000
  • Savings = $40,000-$70,000 off the traditional 6% commission

For a more complete explanation of how our commission sharing model works, take a look at our whiteboard video.



Digs Realty is a residential real estate brokerage in NYC that provides full service at a discount. The Digs Mission: Saving you money without compromising service. We give our home buyers up to 67% of our commission and charge our sellers up to 4% less than traditional brokerages.

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