Upper West Side Restaurants with Heat Lamps

Upper West Side Restaurants with Heat Lamps

Now that the weather has turned frosty, we’re all trying to figure out where we can go out to eat and stay warm. Outdoor dining in NYC has truly never been more fun (but, now, for my frigid bones, only if there are heat lamps!). We have been making our way around the neighborhood to try to find the best heated digs for dining out on the Upper West Side these days. Where are the Upper West Side restaurants with heat lamps? There’s nothing we love more than eating, so please help us add to this list by posting a comment or contacting us.

List of UWS Restaurants with Heat Lamps for Outdoor Dining


Amsterdam Ale House

An oldie but a really goodie (aka West Side Brew Co for those of us who have been here a looooong time). Not only do they have heat lamps and have just built a pretty sick outdoor seating area, but they also have all their TVs turned to the street, so you can watch your sports while drinking and eating really good, way better than typical bar food, food (try their spicy chicken sandwich with fries – my fave).

Arte Cafe

Arte Cafe has always had lovely outdoor seating, but now they have an abundance of it. Not only can you sit under heat lamps, but you can also rent blankets!

Bar Boloud

We haven’t been here for a while, but we’ve enjoyed our meals the few times we went.

Bella Luna

Bluestone Lane

Try the avocado toast. It’s perfection!

Breads Bakery

You will never have better babka anywhere. They use yummy delicious butter in their babka, and it is soooooo good.

Cafe 82

Cafe Fiorello

Calle Ocho

Not only do they have heat lamps, but they have an awesome garden, and I’ve never tasted better pan de bonos.

Cafe du Soleil

Cafe Luxembourg

Cafe Luxembourg has been an Upper West Side fan favorite for many years. You can keep getting your French onion soup these days outside while staying heated under their heat lamps.



Community Food and Juice

A neighborhood favorite for years. I’m not sure what I love more – the breakfast or the dinner menu!

The Consulate

The Dakota Bar

Dark Bullet Sake & Oyster Bar


One of my favorite Greek restaurants. If you go, you must get their shaved fried zucchini. Sooooo good.


French Roast

Five Napkin Burger


A great spot, especially for those of you with gluten allergies. Also, the new Friedman’s on WEA in the 60s has heating!


A true UWS staple. When they had the misfortune of a fire earlier this year, Upper West Siders got together and donated money for a rebuild. After all, what would we be without Fred’s? You won’t find better french toast anywhere. They get their cinnamon bread from Orwashers, which is the best – loaded with buttery cinnamon swirls. Orwarshers blessed the UWS with a location a few years ago, but they only sell their cinnamon bread on the weekends now.


This is one of those oldies but goodies. The antipasti plate is out of this world.

Good Enough to Eat

You will have a very hard time finding a better brunch place than Good Enough to Eat. They have a waffle with bacon cooked inside dish that is unreal.


Harvest Kitchen


I’m not sure I’ve ever actually eaten at the Hi-Life, but I remember their car since I was a kid.

Hummus Place

If you’re craving awesome hummus and shakshuka, this is the place to go. Their fresh baked pita is pretty good as well.

Jacob’s Pickles

Jacob’s Pickles is one of those places you always walk past and your mouth waters a little looking at the heaping plates of very indulgent food on people’s plates. Jacob’s Pickles has hit the jackpot with the outdoor dining situation, as they have been able to extent their outdoor dining all the way down the block.

Jin Ramen

Our go-to ramen spot. And if you happen to get ramen, that and the heat lamps will definitely keep you warm.

Kasbah Grill

Lion’s Head Tavern



Made in NY Pizza

Maison Pickle

I just walked by (12/22), and they have propane tanks and fans blowing hot air on the diners. I bet they are nice and toasty, but they are also very noisy.

Mermaid Inn

I’m not a fish eater, so I have never been here, but everyone I know who has raves about it.


Moonrise Izakaya

Nice Matin

It’s been a while since I’ve been since the service here has never been very good, but their brunch is tasty, and they have lots of outdoor seating.

Osteria Cotta

A tried and true spot for Dan and me since they opened, Osteria Cotta will not disappoint.

The Owl’s Tail

A somewhat recent addition to the neighborhood (and my old building), this wine bar has really stepped it up in this Covid world. Tables feel a little too close together for my liking though.


After living on the UWS my entire life, and within a block or two from Papardella for at least 30 of them, it’s surprising that I had only eaten there a handful of times pre-pandemic. They really did things right with their outdoor seating, and they did so early on, so we started venturing down the block more and more. The frutti di mare is Ezra’s favorite! They even have a full gluten free menu!


Playa Betty’s

Always a great time, Playa Betty’s hasn’t disappointed with their outdoor dining setup, which is always bumping. They have individual heat lamps hanging over every table and, while the their outdoor structure has three sides, there are wholes in each side letting in fresh air and providing air circulation.

The Ribbon

Set off away from the major trafficked avenues of the UWS, you can find more quiet heated dining at the Ribbon.

Sala Thai

Ask anyone who knows anything about food who lives on the UWS where the best Thai food is in the neighborhood, and they will send you to Sala Thai. Their dishes are (semi) authentic and filled with flavor and spice. This is one of our go-to delivery spots, but now that they have heated dining, we can dine out here as well.

Salumeria Rosi



The Smith

We especially love The Smith because of how they helped the community during the dark days of Covid last Spring. They put together some truly amazing meals and rock bottom prices that we donated to hospitals throughout Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx. Their food is also pretty great.

Tarallucci e Vino

Dan and I went here right after finding out we were pregnant with Ezra. He enjoyed a few glasses of wine, while soaking in the reality of becoming a father, while I ate the cheese 🙂

Trattoria il Gusto

Thyme and Tonic

When it was Spring Natural, we enjoyed our meals here. We haven’t been since they rebranded, but it’s like quite similar. They have a large menu with lots of options.


Tenzan has one of the more impressive outdoor dining setups we’ve seen so far. Check it out if you’re looking to satisfy your sushi craving.

Utopia Diner



Our Favorite Upper West Side Restaurant with Heat Lamps

This is such a hard decision! My real favorites don’t actually have heat lamps, but I think of the ones above, I will probably find myself most often at Elea and Sala Thai.

Upper West Side Restaurants without Heat Lamps

Unfortunately, three of our favorites, Tessa and Pizzeria Sirenetta and Leyla, do not. Sirenetta doesn’t actually have any outdoor dining, as its sister restaurant, Mermaid Inn, has taken up most of the street with its beautiful outdoor setup. Please patronize these amazing restaurants as much as you can on those nights you just want to have a delicious meal in the comfort of your home. We would be soooo sad to lose these restaurants, so let’s try to help them even if they are not Upper West Side restaurants with heat lamps!




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