Rebecca Gotlieb

Rebecca Gotlieb



Chief Operating Officer

Licensed Associate Real Estate Broker

Rebecca Gotlieb was born and raised in New York City and has never wanted to call anywhere else her home. She loves the subway and doesn’t love to drive, so this is the perfect city for her. In another life, she was probably an architect, as she can often be found redrawing floorplans for clients to maximize space, efficiency and value.

Rebecca is a true New Yorker, spending most of her life on the Upper West Side (with short stints in the West Village, East Village and Upper East Side) and lives just three blocks from where she grew up, with her three boys (hubby, Dan, and sons, Ezra 7.5 and Owen 5).

Rebecca got her broker’s license in 2014, when Dan started Digs Realty, with the intention of partnering with him eventually. It turned out, from day one, Rebecca was passionate supporting Digs at night after coming home from work and putting her kids to bed. After years as a lawyer and compliance officer at a large international bank, Rebecca finally decided it was time to work for Digs full time and leverage her skills to help advise real estate clients and protect their interests as they embark on buying or selling property.

Rebecca is also involved with business development, daily operations and marketing/social media. She loves connecting people, bonding with clients and staying in touch long after a deal is done. She believes Digs is a family, and Digs clients are part of her family. Please join Friends of Digs to facilitate staying connected.


B.S. Cornell University
J.D. UCLA School of Law

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