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Rejection from Co-op Boards

Rejection from Co-op Boards Buyer’s and seller’s real estate agents do everything they can to avoid rejection from co-op boards.  Before accepting an offer, a seller’s broker will scrutinize the buyer’s profile.  They will look at the buyer’s financial profile, including their debt to income ratio and their liquid assets after closing.  The agents will […]

The Perils of Price Per Square Foot

The Perils of Price Per Square Foot The NYC real estate market has never been more transparent than it is today.  This is due to the volumes of useful data available on free, user-friendly websites like Streeteasy, ACRIS and GIS Map. With all this data at their fingertips, homebuyers  have never been more well-informed.  With […]

Mortgage Rates are Rising…DO NOT PANIC

In addition to a new tax code that has drawn the ire of many New Yorkers, 2018 has brought with it a material rise in mortgage interest rates.  Mortgage rates have now risen for eight consecutive weeks to start the year, and, with the economy chugging along and continued robust home sales, the Federal Reserve […]