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How the Co-op Crumbles

I recently found and read an interesting article of the co-op ecosystem in NYC and beyond, and thought our readers and clients would find it interesting, too. Here’s the gist of it: small co-ops can be collapsed through the acquisition of a supermajority of shares, while holdout shareholders are forced to go along with the developer’s […]

A Detailed Description of the NYC Home Buying Process

A Detailed Description of the NYC Home Buying Process I really enjoy working with first-time homebuyers in NYC real estate because I feel like I add the most value to them, financially, strategically, and emotionally.  Financially, with the rebate; strategically, with my market knowledge, written analyses, and guidance throughout; and emotionally, as the buying process […]

Farewell, Smith Street: In Memoriam of Brooklyn’s Restaurant Row

I recently read an interesting article on Brooklyn’s Restaurant Row, Smith Street: Smith Street’s high quality laid back restaurant scene was certainly a significant neighborhood draw for Cobble Hill and Carroll Gardens, and one of the reasons why the housing markets in those neighborhoods experienced such meteoric price appreciation over the last 15 years (see $15.5MM Cobble Hill townhouse).  I […]

The Rise and Fall of Manhattan’s Densities 1800-2010

I recently watched something quite interesting, and I think our readers will enjoy it: Check out this brief video tracking, in mesmerizing animation, neighborhood population density on Manhattan island from 1800 through 2010. According to Patrick Lamson-Hall and Shlomo Angel, who produced the study and corresponding video for NYU’s Marron Institute of Urban Management, using data from historical maps, […]

Priced Out of Brooklyn? Try Manhattan.

Priced Out of Brooklyn? Try Manhattan. The NYTimes published an article this morning about a new trend taking shape in Brooklyn.  People who once reluctantly made the trek across the East River to find an affordable home are now realizing their considerable gains and moving back to Manhattan because they have been priced out of […]

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey Should Sell Its Real Estate

Crain’s reports today that Democrats in New Jersey’s State Senate have called upon the Port Authority to sell its real estate, including the iconic One World Trade Center. I couldn’t agree more, especially given that we are at a time in history where commercial real estate values have hit an unprecedented high and regional transportation infrastructure is […]