Every client receives our full range of services. We will always be your partner and advisor, answer any questions you have (whenever you have them), help you find ideal listings, suggest bidding strategies, offer critical advice, provide valuations, negotiate on your behalf, refer you to quality vetted professionals, and be there with you for the walk-through and closing.


Digs does all this and more:

Learn About You/Your Criteria. Ask detailed questions and listen. Establish what is a must-have vs a nice-to-have.

Find Ideal Listings. Set up your search criteria to send you automated alerts, as well as send you direct messages with homes we think you’ll love.

Financials. Evaluate your finances to inform our advice.

Viewings. Schedule, and accompany you on, appointments to view apartments.

Price Analysis. Provide a detailed price analysis and proposal for bidding for every apartment you wish to bid on.

Bids. Prepare and submit your bid package to present you in the most favorable light. A bid to purchase a home is not just a number – it is a carefully constructed presentation that can win or lose a competitive bidding.

Negotiations. Negotiate on your behalf to get you the lowest possible purchase price and the most favorable contract terms.

Referrals. Refer you to experienced real estate professionals (including mortgage professionals and real estate attorneys) so that your purchase is handled as efficiently and professionally as possible.

Attorney Oversight. Oversee your attorney’s handling of the contract negotiation and closing.

Board Package. Where required, prepare and submit a co-op or condo board package on your behalf. Our packages are succinct, clear, complete, professional and organized, and this is appreciated by sellers’ brokers.

Board Approval Process. Provide experienced counsel in connection with the co-op board approval process.

Smile and Exhale. Ensure that your transaction goes smoothly and on schedule.

We champion your interests every step of the way!

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