220 Riverside Boulevard, PH3A, Manhattan

July 2003 – Sold for $3,044,786 March 2015 – Listed for $11,995,000 This week’s Digs Watch takes us back to the Upper West Side, where a curious example of a seller (or their broker) trying to jump on the billionaire bandwagon is taking shape.  After nearly 12 years, the owners of PH3A at 220 Riverside […]

Brooklyn Brownstones

Brooklyn Brownstones 2009 – 11 Brooklyn townhouses sold for over $3MM 2014 – 98 Brooklyn townhouses sold for over $3MM This week’s Digs Watch takes us back to Brooklyn for a look at the bananas townhouse market. Just how bananas is it, do you ask? Well, according to a new report from Brooklyn-based brokerage Ideal […]

140 West 69th Street, PH11, Manhattan

October, 2004 – Sold $575,000 May, 2007 – Sold $650,000 November, 2009 – Sold $865,000 December, 2014 – Listed $1,850,000 This week’s Digs Watch takes us to the Spencer Arms, a building located in the prime Lincoln Square area of the Upper West Side. Built in 1903, this former hotel was converted to co-ops in […]

Digs Watch Quick Update – Dec 2014

In the past few weeks, several Digs Watch listings have been cut down a bit from their lofty goals. While I wouldn’t necessarily look at these price chops as indicative of any broad market trends, other than that aspirational pricing almost always retreats to a more market-driven level before meeting a buyer (which is always […]

One Brooklyn Bridge Park, 360 Furman Street, #205

February, 2008 – Sold $4,250,000 December, 2011 – Sold $3,500,000 October, 2014 – Listed $6,350,000 This week’s Digs Watch takes us to the former Jehovah’s Witnesses printing and shipping facility turned amenity-rich Brooklyn waterfront condo behemoth One Brooklyn Bridge Park. The building is located on the southwestern fringe of Brooklyn Heights, and as the name […]

One Morningside Park, 321 West 110th Street, PH1, Manhattan

October 22, 2013 – listed $4.187MM (removed October 23, 2013) October 24, 2014 – listed $5.9MM Rather than examine a resale’s wild price swing, this week’s Digs Watch takes a look at a wild price swing from a prior list price (albeit for a listing that was removed from the market after only 1 day). […]

70 Washington Street, Apt. 2J, Brooklyn

April 2006 – sold $1,069,162 October 2014 – listed $2,500,000 This week’s Digs Watch brings us to DUMBO – Brooklyn’s former bustling waterfront industrial hub cum mafia body dumping ground, which in recent years has been transformed into a picturesque neighborhood of converted warehouses and cobblestone streets nestled between the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge. […]

303 East 77th Street, Apt 15AB, Manhattan — The Isis Condominium

September 2013 – sold $5.8M+ October 2014 – listed $7.25M Given that one cannot tune into any media nowadays without the acronym “ISIS” being thrown at them within seconds — which has caused a never ending loop in my brain of the first verse of Bob Dylan’s folk ballad of the same name, which admirably […]

200 West 86th Street, Apt. 16M, Manhattan

June 2009 – sold $1.2M+ September 2014 – listed $2.2M Welcome to my weekly blog post on wild market movers. This week’s Digs Watch takes a look at 200 West 86th Street, Apt. 16M, a high-floor five with large rooms, good closets and decent light (but no views), located on the south side of 86th […]