Bay Ridge

Bay Ridge

Bay Ridge is a quiet, residential, waterfront neighborhood in the southwest corner of Brooklyn. Here, you will find many parks, amazing vistas, and a suburban feel. Bay Ridge has many ethnic restaurants and independent businesses, especially along Third and Fifth Avenues, which are its main commercial strips. Many Bay Ridge families have grown up in the area, so there is a large aging population that occupy the many single and multi-family rowhouses and low rise apartment complexes (the tallest buildings in the neighborhood) that comprise the neighborhood’s housing stock. Homes are reasonably priced, as commutes to Manhattan are long, but some of the neighborhood’s most prized homes still command a hefty sum.

Nearest Subways

Fun Facts

There were plans to build the Staten Island Tunnel, a railroad or subway tunnel, from Bay Ridge to Staten Island as early as 1890. Those plans never came to fruition. You can also find a few historic homes with in-ground pools.

What We Love

Tanoreen, lack of gentrification, the views