Crown Heights

Crown Heights

In Crown Heights, you will find the beautiful historic townhouses that were built when the area was one of the City’s wealthiest neighborhoods, as well as a more diverse housing supply, including multi-family homes and larger apartment buildings. In addition to a diverse housing supply, the neighborhood itself is quite diverse, with large Caribbean and orthodox Jewish communities, as well as urban hipsters, which translates into great dining options, energy, and things to do. Crown Heights has become more popular lately, in particular in the areas closer to Prospect Park, which forms the neighborhood’s western border. There are numerous subway options, making travel throughout Brooklyn and Manhattan relatively easy.

Nearest Subways

2 Train
C Train
3 Train
4 Train
5 Train
A Train

Fun Facts

Even the main thoroughfare is bucolic – Eastern Parkway is a tree-lined boulevard designed by Frederick Law Olmstead and extends two miles.

What We Love

The sense of community, the Brooklyn Botanical Garden