Edgemont is a small sought-after hamlet, with winding tree-lined streets and excellent schools. In the 2018 US News and World Report ranking of public schools, Edgemont was ranked 14th in  New York State. Also in 2018, Edgemont was ranked by Bloomberg as the 3rd wealthiest place in New York. While Edgemont does not have its own Metro North station, most residents live within walking distance to the Scarsdale station or a short drive to the Hartsdale station (where Edgemont residents are eligible for parking permits).

Some of the Edgemont neighborhoods include Cotswolds, bordering Scarsdale and featuring Tudors and classic colonials, and Old Edgemont, which features a small duck pond and high end homes. Property values are high, but you tend to get more for your money in Edgemont than in neighboring Scarsdale. You can find co-ops and condos at a lower price on Central Park Avenue.

Commute to Grand Central via Metro North

Varies, approximately 35 minutes from the Scarsdale station and 37 minutes from the Hartsdale station

Fun Facts

Some of the homes in Edgemont date back to the 18th Century.

What We Love

Many homes located within walking distance from the train station, the small community vibe