Financial District

Financial District

What was once a residential ghost town has now become a real 24-7 neighborhood. If you are ok with tourists and office workers filling its narrow streets during the day, FiDi is a great option.

It sits on top of 12 subways, each with multiple stations in the neighborhood, has a robust housing stock of new amenity-rich apartment buildings (both newly-built and converted office buildings) at a comparatively lower cost to most other Manhattan neighborhoods below 96th Street, and, you can walk to work!

In the last few years, the neighborhood has continued its evolution, transforming itself into a culinary and shopping destination with the opening of the Occulus and Brookfield Place shopping centers, as well as new celebrity-chef restaurants near the Brooklyn Bridge and the Seaport District.

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Fun Facts

This is where New York City began in 1624. Until the early 2000s, FiDi was mostly commercial, with very few residents and virtually no supermarkets. Today, you can find many restaurants, coffee shops, and dry cleaners.

What We Love

The Brooklyn Bridge, the brilliant mix of old and new architecture, cobblestone streets, the history, the Dead Rabbit