Great Neck

Great Neck

Located on the North Shore of Long Island in Nassau County, Great Neck is a popular town with an easy commute to New York City. Great Neck is a city of about 10,000 people, consisting of nine villages and some unincorporated communities. Great Neck has many recreational parks, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, an indoor skating rink, and an arts center. The train station sits in a quaint downtown, with many shops and restaurants.

Great Neck is a diverse neighborhood that appeals to many people, and its two major high schools are top-rated. The housing stock consists of stately historic homes as well as smaller starter homes and two family homes. You can also find affordable co-ops within walking distance to the LIRR train station, ideal for commuters to the City.

Commute to Penn Station via LIRR

Varies, but the ride can be as little as 24 minutes from the Great Neck Station to Penn Station.

Fun Facts

Great Neck is the former hometown of F. Scott Fitzgerald, the Marx Brothers, and Alan King. The Great Neck Village of King’s Point is the backdrop of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s book, the Great Gatsby.

What We Love

Great Neck Plaza Promenade Nights, Kings Point Park, the Parkwood pool and skating rink complex, and Shiraz Persian Grill.