Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village

The Village is home to NYU and Washington Square Park, theaters and music venues, coffee shops and performance spaces, as well as an eclectic mix of some of the City’s most intriguing restaurants, bars and boutiques. Bounded by 14th Street, Houston Street, 6th Avenue and Broadway, the Village is populated by, perhaps, the most diverse cross section of New Yorkers, including students, families, artists, musicians, yuppies, hippies, and an older generation of New Yorkers that has been lucky enough to bear witness to the neighborhood’s transformation from a bohemian refuge to some of the City’s most expensive and in-demand real estate. It is energetic and lively, and you will often see live performers or a public demonstration when strolling through Washington Square Park.

Housing in the Village runs the gamut from gorgeous brownstones and townhouses to beautiful mid-rise co-ops, loft buildings and new condo development. Much of the neighborhood is landmarked, so, thankfully, it has been well-preserved for generations to come.

Nearest Subways

L train

Fun Facts

If these streets could talk, they would tell you they are far different from what they were even as recently as the 90s (when tattoo and piercing parlors lined 8th Street, and drug dealers were out and about). The center of downtown NYC culture for many years, it has always attracted the young and adventurous and had a reputation as urban bohemia.

What We Love

The eclectic mix of people, the feeling of youth the neighborhood emits, Arturo’s pizza, Murray’s Bagels, Murray’s Cheese, 9th and 10th Streets between 5th and 6th Ave.