Harrison’s boundaries mimic the shape of a figure-eight. The southern half is known as Harrison, or downtown, and is divided into four areas: The Brentwood, Sunnyridge, Sterling Ridge/The Trails, and South Downtown. The northern half of the town includes the hamlets of Purchase and West Harrison.

There is only one main road to get into and out of West Harrison, Lake Street. Lake Street is flanked by Silver Lake Park on one side and by a small business district on the other side. In Purchase, you will find winding roads and wooded lots. The homes tend to be larger in this area of Harrison. Downtown is flanked by Interstate 95, the Hutchinson River Parkway and Metro North. It is a residential area, not a business district, and its housing stock is quite diverse.

A number of corporations have beautiful campuses in Harrison, including PepsiCo, Morgan Stanley and Mastercard, which contributes substantially to the tax base. You will also find various country clubs and golf clubs throughout the winding roads.

In the past, Harrison had been overshadowed by Rye, but its better school ratings over the last few years, coupled with the lower taxes compared to Rye, have caused the interest in Harrison to skyrocket. There are many stately single-family Tudors and colonials throughout the town, some on 2-3+ acres parcels. In the last few years, we have also seen many older modest homes being torn down and replaced with higher-end residences. There are also a few condo complexes, co-op buildings and rental buildings.

Commute to Grand Central via Metro North

40-50 minutes

Fun Facts

The first permanent residents of Harrison came around 1725, and many of its early settlers were Quakers.

What We Love

The town pools and tennis courts, the scenic backroads, the beautiful old estates, Harrison Wine Vault, short drive to neighboring towns