Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens is one of the seven planned garden communities in Queens, and it derives its name from the botanical gardens in England, which are also called Kew Gardens. The architectural style is mostly English, neo-Tudor and pre-war. Even though the neighborhood boasts expensive single-family homes, there are also reasonably priced co-ops, condos and a Mitchell Lama building.

The neighborhood has a large cemetery called Maple Grove Cemetery and a large park – Forest Park. Kew Gardens has access to Union Turnpike, an E/F express stop, and the LIRR. Some of the iconic landmarks include the Austin Ale House, the Village Diner and Kew Gardens Cinema (a 1930’s art deco movie theatre which shows popular and foreign films).

Nearest Subways

Fun Facts

Kew Gardens is remembered in history books because of the famous murder of Kitty Genovese, which coined the psychological term “the bystander effect.”

Kew Gardens has a retired NYC subway called R33 (Redbird), which people were able to visit up until 2015.

Kew Gardens is also known as “Crew Gardens” because of its popularity with flight attendants and pilots. Because the area is right between JFK and LaGuardia airport, many crew members rent “crash pads” there to stay in between flights.

Famous (former) residents included Charlie Chaplin, Rodney Dangerfield, George Gershwin and Jerry Springer.

What We Love

We love Kew Gardens cinema for its unique foreign film selection, Dani’s pizza for its amazing sweet pizza sauce and Baker’s Dozen for the fluffiest bagels on this side of Queens.