Upper West Side

Upper West Side

If you are looking for green space, quiet streets, outdoor tennis courts or family-friendly restaurants, the Upper West Side is the place to be.  With Central Park to its east and Riverside Park to its west, there is no shortage of picnics on a lawn, a game of pick-up, playgrounds or picturesque bike paths.  It’s really an escape from New York City.  Predominantly a historic district, you will find few very tall buildings and an inventory of mostly pre-war brownstones and co-ops.  There were a number of new developments and condo conversions in the last two cycles.  Prices remain high in the Upper West Side, but the farther north you go towards Columbia and Morningside Heights, the better value you can get.

Nearest Subways

Fun Facts

The Upper West Side looks nothing like it did in 70s when Peggy Olson bought her townhouse in Mad Men, and nothing like it did in the 80s and 90s when our agent Rebecca grew up here. She likes to tell stories about how all her guy friends (and her brother) were jumped one time or another, and friends of hers were even taken by gunpoint up to one of their apartments and robbed. Those days are long gone, and now there is much to love about this beautiful neighborhood.

What We Love

Fitness studios and coffee shops and bakeries on almost every corner, numerous playgrounds, the neighborhood feel, LOTS of green, subway access.