Hell’s Kitchen

In Hell’s Kitchen you will find great food and bars among the streets that cross from 57th Street to the Lincoln Tunnel west of 8th Avenue. One who didn’t know it before (or who think the way it is portrayed in Daredevil is accurate) might think Hell’s Kitchen is gritty, but for those of us who spent time here decades ago would say it’s a far cry from its truly gritty days.

Like everything else in Manhattan, real estate values have skyrocketed in recent years, and the neighborhood only keeps getting better. Significant height restrictions have slowed development and gentrification since the 1980s, but this cap on supply has also worked to increase the pace of value appreciation in the neighborhood. Nonetheless, you can still find affordable walk-ups in the mid-block tenement style buildings that embody the dominant architectural style of the neighborhood, but you will also see many new luxury apartment buildings occupying the corners of 9th and 10th Avenues.

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Fun Facts

Although it sits just west of Midtown’s skyscraper jungle, Hell’s Kitchen has managed to remain largely low-rise thanks to strict zoning rules. There have been some exceptions to this including the Hudson Yards redevelopment, which occupies an area once considered the southern edge of Hell’s Kitchen.

What We Love

Local shops and bakeries, Broadway theaters, Amy’s Bread, Taboon

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