Upper East Side Neighborhood Guide

Conveniently situated between Central Park and the East River, the Upper East Side sometimes feels like two different neighborhoods. On the west side, you will find some of the grandest and meticulously maintained pre-war co-ops, brownstones and townhouses with some of the highest price tags in the City. High-end fashion boutiques and upscale eateries can be found along Madison Avenue. Lexington Avenue has historically served as the approximate border between the neighborhood’s two halves.  East of Lex, you will find the avenues and side streets studded with post-war mid- and high-rise apartment buildings, many of which come at more reasonable prices. While references to the Upper East Side in pop culture have often alluded to its concentration of some of the wealthiest people in the country, east of Third Avenue has long been home to some of NYC’s most affordable homes. The opening of the first phase of the 2nd Avenue subway, however, has enhanced demand for the eastern blocks of the neighborhood once deemed too far from transit, leading to a material increase in prices.

Nearest Subways

4 Train
5 Train
6 Train
6 Train
F Train
N Train
Q train
R train

Fun Facts

It took almost 100 years to make the Second Avenue Subway a reality. The line was originally proposed in 1919, and the first phase of the line (from 72nd to 96th) was not opened until January 1, 2017.

What We Love

The new Q train!! Central Park, the library at The Frick, hanging out on the steps at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Recent Transactions

302 East 88th Street, 3G (in contract)

315 East 72nd Street, 5L (in contract)

345 East 80th Street, 17A

345 East 80th Street, 17A

300 East 93rd Street, 28E

140 East 81st Street, 2E

55 East End Avenue, 12D

422 East 72nd Street, 10D

301 East 69th Street, 10N

425 East 63rd Street, #W5A

20 East 88th Street, 2A

330 East 83rd Street, #G1

176 East 77th Street, 10C

301 East 79th Street, 23P

171 East 84th Street, 12H

200 East 95th Street, 5E

389 East 89th Street, 14G

200 East 78th Street, 18G